Daily Anti-Cancer Protocol

Each day Kellen keeps a schedule of fresh juice, diet, exercise, supplements and essential oils. It has taken us a couple years to incorporate these into his life. It was like teaching an old dog new tricks. Kellen was a 9 year old that ate a typical diet of occasional fast food, sugary snacks and fruit juice containing more sugar than real juice. Trying to train his mind that what he's done for 8 years isn't allowed anymore has proven very difficult. Now, if we get real, I can say that 80% of the time he's on track, but there's the other 20% of the time where he's being an 11 year old and not worrying about kale, beets and vitamin C. We are all learning this new way of life together and doing the best we can.

To make it easy for all of the newbies that are joining our journey or for those of you that want to explore our routine, I have outlined it below. SInce Kellen is not doing chemotherapy currently due to remission/NED, his protocol has changed. During chemotherapy, I incorporated a detox bath for 10 days after chemotherapy as well as castor oil packs each night for 10 days. These two detox options are great for cleansing the body of the harmful toxins found in chemotherapy.

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Jennifer McCord