From Hospice to Cancer Free

When faced with my son’s mortality I remember thinking, “if it’s his time and Jesus calls my sweet boy to be with him, will I have done everything I can to keep him with me?” It’s selfish of course, but how can I go on without him? I never wanted to look back and wonder if I did everything I could to keep him or did I give up and just settle for “you have 6 weeks at best with your son. Make memories because they will be your last”. So, I started this personal journey of NEGU. Never Ever Give Up is a term used by most cancer patients and families and it couldn’t be more accurate. Giving up is never an option, especially when talking about your child. I started researching supplements, Chinese medicine, holistic approaches to health and how to thrive during treatment. I also started following other cancer bloggers and researchers in hope that I might be able to incorporate their practices into our daily lives. I started by using daily supplements, 26 of them to be exact. I also started juicing fresh vegetables and a few fruits. Of course I always let our medical team know what supplements I was giving, as well as what juice blends I used. I didn’t always get a great response from my son’s medical team. Many of them made fun of my “voodoo”, but what did I care, I was saving my son’s life. I used a natural path to help guide me along the way (2 to be exact) to find out that I knew more from my research then they did about neuroblastoma and what would be beneficial and what won’t.

After I tackled the supplements and juicing, I needed to change his diet. I knew that he was getting great nutrition from the juice blends, but he wasn’t starving the cancer cells. In my research I knew that changing the diet was an integral part of the so-called DIY cancer treatment. I kept at my research and what foods he can eat and what he couldn’t. What had the most anti-cancer effects and what promoted cancer growth. What I came up with was a low carb, high antioxidant diet that restricted sugar as much as possible. There are a lot of medical experts that do not agree with this type of diet, but what they do agree on is that sugar feeds cancer.

With that said, we decided to start the Ketogenic diet. A great resource for this diet that I have found for beginners is the link included in this blog post. This is a great resource for many other anti-cancer holistic approaches.

So, from hospice to almost disease free, I think I did something right along the way. With the help of modern medicine and some pretty amazing doctors, we are hoping to keep my son’s cancer at bay. Currently he is undergoing scans to evaluate disease. He has gone from a body filled with cancer cells to hopefully a body with minimal disease if any!

Courtney Miller