So, you want to be a Krusader!

One great way to become a Krusader is to get local businesses involved. Local businesses can help you raise awareness, increase donations and bring more traffic to your fundraiser. Asking and getting the “yes” can feel daunting, but it is actually not as tricky as it seems. Here are my tips for getting the “yes” to become a Krusader!

1. Pick a business where you are the customer
If the owner sees you on a regular basis, they are much more likely to say yes!

2. Do some research
Find out about the business. Are there other charities they support? Have they supported Kellen’s Krusade in some other way before? Is there a good way to link their business to your fundraiser?

3. Share your reason
Let the business owner know why you are hosting a fundraiser for Kellen’s Krusade. If there is a personal connection, share that story! Your inspiration will likely inspire the business owner to participate. 

4. Be prepared
Have all of the details of your fundraiser ready. If you are asking someone to support your fundraiser, ask in person, plan ahead to a time when you know the business owner will be available to talk. If you are asking via email, be sure all the details in your email are correct and include a link to your fundraising page. Don’t forget to follow up with them over the phone – especially if you don’t get a response. 

5. Be specific
Be ready to ask for specific support—do you want donated supplies? Do you want help spreading the word about your fundraiser? Are you looking for a cash donation or volunteers? Be ready to tell the business what they can do for you! 

6. Smile!
Even though you might be nervous, smile! Smiling is contagious and the business owner will smile back! 

7. Say Thank You!
Whether you get the yes or you get a no, always say thank you!  If you get a yes, send them a handwritten thank you note, an email and also thank them on social media! Publicly thank them with a sign at your fundraiser. You can never say thank you, enough!

8. Include your new local business sponsor in your fundraiser

Have fun with your new relationship. Invite the business owner to your stand, take photos, introduce them to your other volunteers and tag your business partners on social media. 

9. Share your success and say thank you, again! 
After your fundraiser, share photos and your success and say thank you, again! 

Now get out there and be a Krusader!!


Jennifer McCord